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Visit our team of doctors and practitioners who specialized in management of your health, wellness, and lifestyle.  We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for chronic pain, substance use disorders, and overall wellness.

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How We Can Help You

Are you tired of being in chronic pain?  Are you frustrated and sadden by the ineffective and expansive treatments you've received?  Is the stress of life, or the pressure to do your job, getting too overwhelming?

Have you tried just about everything other professionals have recommended?  Yet you find no long-term solution.  You question whether these treatments are right for you.  You wonder if peace, joy, and serenity can be a reality in your life.  

We can answer some of these pressing questions you may have.  Let us help you explore other possibilities in restoring sanity back in your life.   


Opioid Crisis and Chronic Pain

You've heard about the rising opioid crisis in the news.  More people, young and old, are dealing with opioid dependency and addiction.  Your own experience with opioid and chronic pain may lead you to think about:

  • Is it still safe to take opioid for chronic pain?
  • If not, what do I do with my pain if I stop taking them?
  • How harmful could opioid be?
  • Could I be addicted to opioid even though I have chronic pain?
  • Why do I feel awful when I miss a dose?
  • When opioid doesn't help with my pain anymore, what's next?
  • Should I be worried?  Am I becoming an addict?

We will help you understand the risks and benefits of using opioid for chronic pain.  So that you can make an informed decision whether opioid is the right choice for you.

What to Expect

We know that you are unsure of what life would be like without opioid.  After all, the medicine is probably the only thing you've tried that gave you a glimpse of hope for relief; however, you are also aware that opioid may not be a long term solution for your pain.    ​ 

You probably have some uncertainty and skepticism about opioid-free pain management.  You are wondering how you will be able to handle the pain without opioid.  We encourage you to come visit us and explore for yourself.  Let us help you find a new way to manage your pain.   


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Whether it is you, a loved one, or someone in your family or in your community, take that first step and contact us.  There is so much you, or your loved one, can gain from us, when the quality of life is at stake.

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